Best Osteoporosis Treatment In Penang

Here’s how it happens . . . Bone is made up of living tissue, mostly collagen, which forms a framework for the bone. Calcium is a mineral which is added to this framework to make the bone hard and strong.

During childhood and teenage years, new bone is added faster than old bone is removed. After 30, this reverses. It’s more likely to develop if you don’t reach optimal bone mass during your early years. This is why treating osteoporosis naturally with the right calcium supplements along with minerals and vitamins can make an enormous difference and actually prevent it from happening in the first place!

In osteoporosis, the bones become brittle and porous due to loss of calcium and all of a sudden break. The bone density loss can occur long before the advanced symptoms and you may not even realize you’ve got it until a simple fall or accident causes a fracture. Natural osteoporosis supplements are well worth taking to avoid such pain in the future.

Symptoms in advanced osteoporosis treatment in penang are bone pain, joint pain and spontaneous fractures. Any bone can be affected but the most vulnerable and crucial areas will be the hips and spine.

Osteoporosis can strike at any age and affects approximately 60-70% of women and 30-40% of men. 50% of all women between the age of 45 and 75 show some degree of osteoporosis and out of those, 33% suffer serious bone deterioration. Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis than men because they lose bone tissue (through losing calcium) more rapidly than men, especially after menopause. This is why supplements for natural osteoporosis treatment are essential.

Osteoporosis is approximately the 12th most common cause of death (eg following a hip fracture). In the US alone it costs $3.8 billion to treat people with osteoporosis (and not using natural treatments). Compare that to the small cost of calcium supplements as a natural treatment for osteoporosis!

Preventing Osteoporosis – A Natural Approach

An overwhelming body of opinion favours calcium supplements as an alternative and natural treatment for osteoporosis. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body and 99% of body calcium is found in the bones and teeth. However as you get older your body is less efficient at absorbing calcium and other nutrients.

The most recent clinical research clearly points out that our diets are critically deficient in calcium and the only way to get enough calcium to treat osteoporosis or prevent it is through using good, absorbable calcium supplements and a sensible diet.

  • Supplement with a good source of calcium and other minerals (liquid is always best) – most people consume less than half the amount of calcium needed to build and maintain bones.
  • A well balanced diet with plenty of green leafy vegetables.
  • Exercise – particularly weight-bearing exercises.
  • Avoidance of processed foods, cigarettes, alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Detecting possible signs of osteoporosis is essential for prevention and cure.

A bone density test may be useful to detect signs of osteoporosis. However these are normally done on the large bones and it’s the small bones that will actually give you the indication that you’re losing bone tissue first.

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