A day in the life of a Yucaipa senior photographer | Yucaipa, CA

So, I have made the decision that I am going to start blogging more on this page about my life!!! I want people, my clients…and just anyone who is curious to get to know me better<3. I have always been a writer…so, I’ll write: ). Lets start off with 20 questions…I know we have all played that game once or twice<3

1. Where were you born? among some tumble weeds in Apple Valley, CA

2. What is your favorite color? yellow…used to be pink…hey, dont judge….you can totally change your favorite color; )

3. what did you want to be “when you grow up” in kindergarten? A physical therapist and a veterinarian

4. What is your favorite animal? horses..duh

5. how many pets do you have? 30…does a salt water reef tank count?!?! my hubby and I grown and enjoy live corals and reef fish. we have SO many different types of live coral and fish<3

6. what is your favorite thing to eat? hands down…hot coco with marshmallows and sour patch kids…maybe soup in a bread bowl in a close third.

7. how many kids do you have? 1…feels like 30, like my reef tank. Connor is a squirrel

8. where did you go to school? Yucaipa High School, then earned my AA in Liberal Studies and Crafton Hills College, and my BA in Child and Family Psych at CSUSB

9. what was your favorite class in college? well…I would have to say, well, can I pick 3?!…okay, top 3… Pilates, emergency medicine, and abnormal psychology

10. what was your first REAL job? I was a full time firefighter with the United States Forest Service : )….thats where I met the hubbs…..<3 he tells me Im really just a badge bunny lol….

11. whats your favorite place to buy make up? hands-down…SEPHORA….yum<3 love that place…the Sephora in Rancho Cucamonga’s Victoria Gardens is AWESOME!!!!!…my favorite brand of make up…Too Faced for Shadow…and I actually dont wear foundation: ). I just wear tinted sunscreen by The Body Shop

12. biggest fears?…ummmm….I have 2…heights and spiders….now matter how big either one of those are…even escalators and daddy longlegs scare me…

13. Where do you shop for clothes? For every-day stuff…Target, Ross, Marshalls, and small locally owned boutiques (l love supporting small businesses!!!)…for work…Anthropologie…yum<3

14. When did you first know you wanted to become a photographer? the second I took the first photograph of my son on my first SLR. A canon T2i…with kit lens of course: )

15. When did you start shooting and first go into business…like legit business? started shooting September 2011….opened shop January 2012

16. Whats your idea date? Camping…eating lots of great bbq food…roasting marshmallows…hanging out with friends and sharing inappropriate stories and jokes; )

17. If there was one pair of shoes you had to wear the rest of your life..what would they be? cowboy boots! I grew up riding, training, and raising horses!

18. what was your first job? cleaning horse stalls and exercising and grooming horses

19. What is your fondest memory as a teenager? my undefeated softball season…I was a pitcher!!! oh yeah! loved softball<3

20. If you could shoot one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?…I have to pick two…I like even numbers:). 1.wild horses 2. women/high-school seniors

more schtuff to come<3




abbeylunt - hehe:). thank you so much<3 I love that you think its cute…Geoff, my hubby, just calls it weird; ) tehe<3 xoxo

Jessica Hekman - You are so cute! Love this!

abbeylunt - How can one have just one fave color??!!! ESP as a woman…I change my mind all the time… Or I just can’t make up my mind;)

abbeylunt - Best sport ever growing up: softball:). Wish I could still play it…but I can’t seem to find my cat like coordination and eagle eyes lol…not the same athlete I used to be;).

sherina - Loved that you played softball…I played for many years then in college!

gina - having alternating favorite colors… I knew I liked you.

abbeylunt - eeeek! thanks Steph! hope I didnt scare you; ) hehe<3

stephanie newbold - Loved reading all about you!

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